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Chairperson’s Message

Dear Parents and their loving children,

Millennium World School was founded in 2018 by my revered mother - in - law, Mrs. Seema Sharma. Millennium to be a temple of learning dedicated to educating the children. My mother-in-law and husband are far-sighted visionaries and pioneers in social reform who dreamt of giving a gift of lifelong learning to the young Indian.
Starting with this vision, the School rapidly evolved over the days, with every year calling for new measures to meet emerging needs. One thing has remained constant the commitment to quality and basic values. Property may be destroyed and money may lose its purchasing power but, character, health knowledge and good judgement will always be in demand under all conditions.
While the School remains staunchly rooted in all that is good in our tradition, it has its vision trained unfailing on the best in global standards. An education at MWS will empower generations of students who will go on to secure positions in reputed institutions of higher education.
The Millennium World School has an illustrious name and a glorious tradition to follow. Its founder has been some of the great leaders of our age who have been true pioneer in the development of the human spirit. We have much to look up to much to follow.
My good wishes are with the new aspirants to this seat of learning. May your journey through Millennium World School lead into light.

Mr. Rakshanda Vasu Sharma
( Chairperson, MWS Kotkapura )

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