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Chairman and Director’s Message

Dear Parent,
Millennium World School is located on Moga-Kotkapura Highway. Strengthened by a proud history that goes back over two decades we have our eyes firmly set on the challenges of the twenty first century.

To be educated at Millennium World School is to enter the world beyond school with a range of qualities and skills. We hope to produce young men who are happy, resilient, self-motivated, confident and ready for any challenge that lies ahead.

We believe in the pursuit of academic excellence and success, of course, but this is not at the expense of an all-round and broad education, as the two are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary they complement one another. Our education is determinedly holistic and values-driven. Our pupils flourish both in and out of the classroom and they develop skills, qualities and values that will lead to a successful life.

To understand who we are and what we are about, come and see us and you will be assured a warm welcome.

Mr. Vasu Sharma
( Chairman, MWS Kotkapura )

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“Education is soul searching exercise, committed towards excellence.’

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