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Principal’s Message

On the behalf of Millennium family, I welcome you. Millennium World School Kotkapura has carved a niche for itself as an institution with strong ethical foundation. The modern structure of the school is witness to the legacy and the vision of its founders. It has stayed relevant to the changing times with the unstinted support of the management, dedicated efforts of the experienced teachers and active involvement of the parents.

The school uses latest digital media tools to facilitate adaptive learning curriculum that connects to students of all learning styles. The technology intervention at school not only provides a platform to students and teachers to research, collaborate and use the power of analytics but also helps in promoting digital citizenship. It is said 'New ideas must use old building'. While the school adopts the green shoots in education its rooted to the traditions of the House system, the Morning Assembly, the Investiture of student leaders, the School Flag and the School Song. This builds a lifelong sense of pride and belonging amongst the students.

We ensure that the young learners not only know 'how to count' but are also aware of 'what counts'. Our students value their relationship with the society. They work very closely with the community to understand and reach out to the needs of the community.

The successful and well-placed alumni of the school are examples of the comprehensive and progressive education provided by the school. The inclusive environment at school encourages every child 'to do their best' rather than 'be the best'. The school provides an array of opportunities in the field of sports, technology, literary arts and performing arts which helps students to discover and nurture their potential. The flexibility and freedom to design and lead various purposeful initiatives empowers our students to be conceptual thinkers, generator of ideas and self starters. They are nurtured to be agile, adaptable and technically competent to deal with the challenges and unpredictability of the future world.

" A quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children with the protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labour exploitation and decease, and given them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to reach their full potential "

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“Education is soul searching exercise, committed towards excellence.’

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